Not just another speech, let’s play!

People hire me when they want and need an infusion of consciousness for their organization or particular group. I share my first hand experience and 20 years of experience of applying mindfulness practices to small groups, large audiences and couples. My style is less motivational speaker and more facilitatory. I connect with the audience through my energy, sense of humor, and story-telling. You will not listen to me lecture. Instead I put you in an experience to raise your self-awareness. People find my content and style both informative and entertaining.

I enjoy playing with people who want to own their experience and grow from it, people who want to be exceptional, but not perfect. I am very comfortable with large audiences, and two things separate me from other speakers: the audience can relate to the real life stories and they take away actionable tips for self-exploration.


  • Awakening to ourselves and reality
  • Consciousness as a path to discovery and fulfillment
  • Conscious Choice to be a Creator vs a Consumer
  • Up your baseline to one of positive energy, connection, and creativity
  • Relationship as the path of growth and discovery