Exceptional Relationships

Go to the next level in your relationships, personal or professional.

Imagine a relationship in which you are thriving and living into your full potential; a relationship where love and positive energy flow freely; a relationship that inspires others and provides the foundation of you to bring your purpose to the world. This is possible! I have learned through the years of practice to make this a reality and have fun along the way.

I facilitate couples and business partners who want to shatter old paradigms and thrive in an exceptional partnership.

Core teachings include:

  • Co-commitments, Intentions, and Agreements
  • Values Alignment
  • Rhythms and Integration
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Communication Excellence
  • Shifting from Drama into Creativity
  • Levels of Intimacy
  • Inviting the Truth (no matter what it is)
  • Creating the Container (the space between two people, what infuses everything)

I offer full day immersions.