Conscious Wealth

Get off of “auto-pilot” and become remarkably congruent and satisfied.

I have noticed that people fall into the trap of “trying to keep up with the Jones”, accumulating their wealth in an unconscious way and feeling generally unfulfilled and dissatisfied.

I work with individuals and families to raise consciousness by facilitating:

  • How to spend accumulated wealth in a way that is conscious and in alignment with their values
  • How to accumulate and save wealth in a way that plans for today and tomorrow
  • How to share wealth with others in alignment with what’s important and what they stand for
  • How to transfer wealth to next generations cleanly, clearly, and with transparency
  • How to eliminate “secrets” about wealth and optimize “privacy”
  • How to unlearn old stories and patterns about money and take responsibility for your wealth

I work with people who want to come off of “auto-pilot” and step into conscious wealth. I offer customized immersion programs. We will spend a day or weekend together depending on your needs and dive deep into your values so that you can align your habits of wealth to who you are.